Physician, 5 years

I value the independence that ACP provides in our practice environment. I also value the team approach and feel that we are all working toward the same goal – excellent patient care.

Advanced Practitioner, 3 years

I feel like I have had a lot of support early on as a new graduate. I love that the doctors I work with respect and support me. They always listen and give good feedback.

Physician, 2 years

I get to control my schedule… I have people to help me be compliant with Medicare guidelines.

Advanced Practitioner, 1 year

Once I interviewed for this NP position and met the physicians, I had a whole new look on doctors. Perhaps it’s because we are all part of a collaborative team.

Physician, 14 years

What works best for docs is that ACP takes over the lion’s share of the nuts and bolts details of running a practice (payroll, hiring, policies, paying bills, etc).

Physician, 6 years

I really enjoy my colleagues… They have their heart in the right place and practice medicine for the love of the profession and for the care of the patients.