ACP Physician – 1 year

ACP allows me the flexibility to determine my own schedule and pace.  They give you the independence a traditional stand-alone provider would feel without the daily headaches that model creates.  They also provide you with the support and resources typical READ MORE

ACP Physician, 2 years

“The autonomy and support are 2nd to none. When I am away, I genuinely look forward to seeing my colleagues and staff.  This is the type of environment you can spend your whole career in. “

ACP Physician, 21 years

“My most important career decision was to take my private practice patients and join ACP.  I  continue to provide quality care for my patients and have greatly improved my quality of life.”

Leslie Willingham, MD – ACP Physician, 11 years

“I joined ACP immediately out of residency, during a time when I was told repeatedly that the private practice of medicine no longer exists. I am happy to report joining ACP was the best career decision, and private practice remains READ MORE

Physician, 5 years

I value the independence that ACP provides in our practice environment. I also value the team approach and feel that we are all working toward the same goal – excellent patient care.

Physician, 2 years

I get to control my schedule… I have people to help me be compliant with Medicare guidelines.

Physician, 14 years

What works best for docs is that ACP takes over the lion’s share of the nuts and bolts details of running a practice (payroll, hiring, policies, paying bills, etc).

Physician, 6 years

I really enjoy my colleagues… They have their heart in the right place and practice medicine for the love of the profession and for the care of the patients.