United & Northwest Healthcare Contract Dispute

Thank you for choosing ACP to help with the health care needs of you and your family.

You may have heard Northwest Healthcare and United Health insurance have been in contract negotiations for several months.  Their contract expired on April 30, 2017 without reaching a resolution.  Although there is a chance the parties will eventually reach an agreement, a decision was made to not extend the contract during any additional negotiations.

Therefore, as of May 1, 2017, Northwest Healthcare is now out of network with UnitedHealthcare (United).    Northwest Hospital, Oro Valley Hospital, Northwest Healthcare facilities, urgent care locations, and physicians are all out of network for all patients with United health insurance.

What this means for ACP and ACP patients.

  • ACP was NOT part of this contract dispute; therefore United patients can continue to see ACP physicians, NPs, and PAs and continue to receive services from our Imaging Centers, Laboratory, and Testing Centers.
  • ACP’s United patients seeking care at a Northwest Healthcare entity may have to pay Out of Network benefits (see below).
  • Sub-Specialists that perform procedures or cases at a Northwest Healthcare facility may need to move these services to a contracted facility. This may cause disruption to ACP’s United patients when they are obtaining care from a Sub-Specialist.
  • United patients that are no longer able to see a Northwest Allied physician may choose to seek care from an ACP Physician, NP or PA.

What this means for United patients seeking care from Northwest Healthcare.

  • Emergency Care: Emergency care access is not impacted. Patients can continue to receive emergency care at Northwest Emergency Rooms, regardless of Northwest’s network status with United.
  • Continuity of Care: Patients may be eligible to receive Continuity of Care benefits with United for a period of time if they need ongoing treatment or already have a procedure scheduled. For questions about benefit coverage, patients can call the phone number listed on the back of their United health insurance card.
  • Out-of-Network Care: Patients who have health insurance through their employer may still access Northwest Healthcare for services using out-of-network benefits. If they have questions about what their out-of-pocket expenses may be, please direct them to call Northwest Healthcare’s Pre-Registration Department at 520-469-8862.