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Arizona Community Physicians is excited to announce that we have begun our process of transitioning our Electronic Health System to EPIC.

Arizona Community Physicians is going to be Epic!

But we ask that you please be patient with us.

What is Epic?

Epic is known as the most comprehensive electronic medical record and is utilized by leading health care providers across the country. It allows for improved provider-to-provider communication, enhanced care coordination and decision making as well as the secure sharing of patient health information.

ACP’s Transition Process

Currently, coordinating patient care at ACP involves locating records, charts or notes from different hospital and other primary care offices. This can be extremely tedious and time consuming. With this transition comes training for our staff in time for our Epic go-live, starting April 1, 2021.

Our offices may have less staff available to answer phones, address messages left on our voicemail and some reduction in available appointments.

We are asking for patients to be patient with us during this transitional period.


Introducing MyChart

Also available through Epic is our new patient portal, MyChart. MyChart is a free, easy and secure way to view your health information and communicate with your healthcare team. All you need is internet access and e-mail. Our patients can go online to view lab results rather than waiting for a phone call or letter.

Patients with up-to-date and complete electronic health records within Epic from a hospital using Epic, within the last couple years will benefit from the continuum of care among their providers.

Better Patient Service From our Offices to Epic Hospitals

Electronic medical records streamline patient registration, scheduling, billing and other patient issues. Time spent filing, retrieving and maintaining paper medical records is greatly reduced…and less time spent attending to paperwork means there is more time to attend to our patients.

Having a permanent electronic record also means that patients at ACP no longer need to repeat their medical history and medications to each caregiver they see. Beyond the convenience this provides, it can be a great help for some of our patients who might have trouble remembering the names of their medications and exact doses.

It also means that hospitals will have instant access to the records from our patients’ visits, eliminating the need to remember to make a list of all the medications we have prescribed when going to the hospital – the hospital will already have that information.

One of Epic’s greatest advantages is that it helps to enable all patients to become more active participants in their own care.