Arizona Community Physicians, P.C.

Job Title: Coding Specialist

Job Summary

Responsible for performing a variety of tasks to support the Patient Coding Department.

Minimum Qualifications

Education: High school diploma or equivalent.

Work Experience: Two or more years of experience working in a primary care setting in the area of charge entry

Preferred Experience/Qualifications: Some college education preferred.

Other Qualifications:


Employee works with Allscripts, Lab Daq, RIS/PACS, IDX interfaces, Coding Department and Site Coordinators to ensure correct coding and billing for all services provided by ACP providers. Confirm charges through the interfaces and then load into IDX Practice Management system to patient accounts. Works over the counter payment module in IDX to allocate payments received at site to patient account charges in IDX. Balance daily batches from charges and payments. Assists Coders as needed and as time permits.

Knowledge of the different systems (Allscripts, Lab Daq, RIS/PAC and IDX), knowledge of the interfaces and how the interfaces work with the different system and the IDX copay module. Balance daily batches.

Customer Service:
Promotes excellence in customer service, emphasizing responsiveness, respect and courtesy. Uses active listening skills, getting information and summarizing to check understanding. Looks for opportunities to exceed expectations by acting promptly. Confirms satisfaction with service or course of action and commits to follow-through.

Works harmoniously with others, demonstrating a commitment to achieving common goals. Responds positively to work-related requests from others. Willingly shares knowledge and serves as a resource to others. Communicates in a manner that promotes trust and mutual respect. Refrains from gossip, criticism, breach of confidentiality and other behaviors that would undermine good working relations. Maintains emotional control, calmness and professional demeanor in dealing with conflict and difficult issues. Adapts to changes in job duties and workplace with a positive and cooperative spirit.

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