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Billing Supervisor

Responsible for the integrity, accuracy, and timeliness of patient accounting. Ensures efficiency of billing, collection and reimbursement processes in order to maximize net revenues. Provides supervision and direction to billing office staff. Provides outstanding customer service to both patients and staff.

Minimum Qualifications:

Education: High school diploma or equivalent.

Work Experience: Two or more years of management experience. Five or more years of billing and reimbursement experience.

Preferred Experience/Qualifications: At least one year of experience in the ACP billing office.

Other Qualifications: Able to work independently to solve issues and employee concerns. Excellent management and leadership skills. Ability to follow through on assigned tasks and function as part of a team.



Effectively communicates with staff to inform them of third party billing changes, documentation guidelines, reimbursement and contract administration. Assists in maintaining billing system dictionaries by verifying information to be entered in the system. Monitors all necessary documentation as required to expedite payments; including demographic, authorization/referrals, NPIs and referring doctors. Submits claims in a timely manner. Maintains confidentiality in regards to patient account status and the financial affairs of the company. Communicates effectively to payors to ensure accurate and timely filing of claims. Serves as a liaison with payors, collection agencies and patients by being available to answer questions. Demonstrates thorough knowledge of ACP policy and procedure in coordinating billing office activities. Serves as a resource to staff and physicians for interpretation and compliance. Assists Site Coordinators with reimbursement issues. Demonstrates thorough understanding of Medicare and commercial waivers and policies. Maintains up-to date resource manuals and related materials. Maintains current knowledge of third party billing, documentation guidelines, reimbursement and contract administration. Attends related seminars and meetings with insurance reps.


Demonstrates expertise of medical office software relating to account inquiry, reimbursement issues and report functions. Demonstrates expertise in Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel. Demonstrates competency in Coding, CPT/HCPCS and ICD10 related to billing and reimbursement. Demonstrates competency in use and maintenance of computer equipment, printers, telephone system and fax machine. Understands basic PC window applications. Oversees proper functioning and maintenance of equipment. Knows protocol for troubleshooting and reporting hardware and software problems.

Supervisory and Leadership:

Demonstrates authority and decisiveness in role. Responsible for hiring, evaluating and disciplining employees under their supervision. Promotes teamwork and professionalism and defines standards of performance for all staff. Provides training, orientation and structure for new employees. Monitors performance of staff and determines necessity for additional training. Assumes active role in daily operations, observing first-hand and having a “pulse” on what is going on. Delegates and assigns job duties to optimize coverage and minimize overtime. Maintains integrity and confidentiality of employee records. Demonstrates thorough knowledge and understanding of ACP Employee Handbook and human resources guidelines for supervisors. Ensures staff is providing the highest-level of customer service to patients and other ACP employees. Assists with writing policies and procedures to enhance the education of both billing office staff and clinic office staff. Disseminates and implements new policies and procedures. Ensures the integrity and timeliness of work flow by regularly monitoring the progress and documentation of employees. Maintains open communication with employees. Uses good judgment when dealing with difficult staff issues, involving supervisor or human resources when necessary.

​​​​​​​Customer Service:

Resolves patient complaints and requests regarding insurance billing and initiates accurate account adjustment. Follows all billing problems to conclusion. Promotes excellence in patient relations and customer service, emphasizing compassion, responsiveness, respect and courtesy. Acknowledges patients and visitors as soon as they are seen by making eye contact and smiling. Asks questions to determine patient needs rather than assuming, whether in person or over the phone. Uses active listening skills, gathers information and summarizes to verify understanding. Looks for opportunities to exceed patient’s expectations by acting promptly, involving patient where solutions are needed. Confirms patient’s satisfaction with service or course of action, and commits to follow-through.

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